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— At an amusement park [Woohyun]

sorry if there are any major mistakes in this post. i wrote it on my phone since my computer is acting up. anyway, here’s an extra greasy scenario


"She’s so lucky!"

"And pretty"

"Waa~ it’s Nam Woohyun’s girlfriend!"

Insprits were everywhere. Who knew these many fans would be here today. You were hoping you would get some time alone with Woohyun today, but you forgot he had thousands of other “girlfriends” around the world. You didn’t mind all the fans, actually you liked them quite a lot considering once up on a time you were just like them. 

You stood in line with Woohyun waiting to get on a ride as Woohyun gave fans his ever so greasy aegyo. It was fun watching him do fan service. That’s how the two of you even meet two years ago.

"Hey greasy," you called towards the  distracted Woohyun. "Its our turn now." 

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— Picnic in the park [Dongwoo]

"Baby don’t move" you instructed Dongwoo as the light was starting to hit him perfectly as he lay in the grass . You had brought your sketch with you on your little picnic with him. You were practicing your drawing skills as you had started to get slightly rusty after months of being too busy.  Although Dongwoo didn’t like it when you paid more attention to your drawings than to him. But he was falling asleep anyway he couldn’t mind that much. Could he?

"Yah, I brought you here to spend time with me on break not draw in your book!" He whined.

"Hey, you were the one sleeping." You pointed out.

"No I wasn’t. I was just watching the clouds." He said.

"With your eyes closed? " you rolled your eyes. 

"It’s the same way I watch TV" he smiled and you laughed. It was true. Dongwoo was always sleeping through movies and shows at home. He was so busy with practice he didn’t get enough sleep sometimes. It worried you constantly before but he seemed pretty fine with so it bothered you a little less now.

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Sorry there haven’t been any new scenarios these past few weeks. I just feel so uninspired to write lately ever since I got back from my trip two weeks ago so there might not be any new scenarios for a little bit (I know another hiatus so typical right?) But seeing as how im the only active admin here anymore I just thought I should make a post anyway. Please keep and eye out for my return soon.

-Admin R    

best-before-end asked : still haven't enough time to read all your stories except the one with canoeing - your SungGyu is so realistic! that's so cool! thank you! Hopefully, i'll have nothing to do on my work and i'll open your page, kkk

Haha you really think so? I thought it was a bit over dramatized but I’m glad you liked it thank you^^

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— When you go Canoeing [Sunggyu]

Heres some Grandpa Gyu. Isn’t he just the best boyfriend ever? 

This was just like Sunggyu. Always telling you what to do. Always nagging. Always so bossy. Now you see why all the members called him grandpa gyu. He was just like a grandfather, but it was worse since he was your boyfriend and you had to live with him. He had been nagging ever since the two of you left. And he had invited you out here in the first place.

"Jagiyah, we could go a lot faster if you would just paddle better." The two of you were out on the water paddling away in your canoe. The internet said this was supposed to be relaxing. This was far from relaxing. This was more stressful than it was when you were on land because now you wanted to jump overboard. And it was all because Sunggyu didn’t want to stop being a huge pain in the ass.

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— Playing in the garden sprinklers [Sungjong]

It was hot. Hot wasn’t even the word to describe it. It was burning out. And your boyfriend Sungjong had you outside. You felt as if you were going to melt. He just had to pick the hottest day of the year to fix your sprinklers. They had been broken for over a month now and he never had the time to fix them before. But right about now you couldn’t care less about your sprinklers. You just wanted to go inside to the air conditioning already where you could relax. 

"Sungjong-ah let’s just go inside. It’s too hot to be outside today," you complained. You started to fan yourself with your hand to emphasize how hot you were. "Sungjong-ah," you whined again. 

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